Cheap Designer Glasses

Designer Prescription Glasses

Finding cheap designer glasses that both look amazing and don't break the bank can prove a task. But that is a task we have taken on and are pretty sure we've accomplished. Our collection of cheap glasses range from Fendi glasses to Ray-Ban Prescription glasses. All while keeping our constant promise of 100% genuine brands at low prices. That even includes our prescription service. We don't lie when we say we offer cheap designer prescription glasses. Depending on your needs, you can easily order a pair of designer glasses and a prescription lens for way under £100. What's more, we'll even deliver them to your door free of charge in the UK. 

When you are trying to buy cheap prescription glasses online it can be a little tough. Normally an optician will take all your details and do the work for you. We've aimed to make it as close to that as possible at Discounted Sunglasses. But, if you do find yourself come unstuck at any point, get in touch with us and we will happily guide you through your purchase and requirements. Or, check our page on how to order prescription. And those wanting varifocals, we've not forgotten you! Give us an email and we can quote a price for you.