Ordering Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses

At Discounted Sunglasses, we realise that prescription lenses are a must for many people. We have the ability on our website to order your cheap designer sunglasses or glasses online with your prescription added too. In our traditional style, we offer prescription lenses at an affordable price. This includes our free UK delivery too. 

We know how hard it can be to order prescription glasses or sunglasses online. After all, we’re used to the optician taking care of everything while we try on every pair in the shop. So, after a lot of research and testing, we think we’ve got an easy way you can order your designer eyewear with prescription lenses. If you’re a little stuck, we’ve broken down each step for you below. 

We only currently sell single vision lenses on our website.

1. Make Your Selection

You’ve found that style you love at a price you do too. Perfect! Now all that you need to do is select the colour and size combination you want. You cannot press, buy with prescription, without doing this step. 

Making a Selection on Discounted Sunglasses

2. Choose Reading or Distance

Do you need glasses for reading? Or maybe your prescription glasses or sunglasses are to help you seen in the distance. Whichever it is, simply click the one that applies to you. If you don’t know, you can always ask your optician.

Choosing distance or reading prescription on Discounted Sunglasses

3. Choose How Strong Your Prescription Is

On your prescription, you will see a column that says Sphere or SPH. Under this you’ll see a number with a - or a +. If your number is between -2.50 or +2.50 then you can select No as your option. For example, if your SPH is -0.75 or +1.75 you can select No

If your SPH is above or below +2.50 or -2.50 but doesn’t exceed -5.00 or +5.00 then your prescription is a little strong and you should select Yes. This lets us get the perfect lens for you. For example, if your SPH is -4.75 or +2.75 then you should selectYes

Those who have a SPH below or above -5.00 or +5.00 and you wish to get a quote, please contact us directly and we will happily do so.

Choosing strong or weak prescription on Discounted Sunglasses

4. How Will You Send Us Your Prescription?

All that is left to do is give us your prescription just so we can get your prescription just right. If you have your prescription already on the device you’re using as a picture then choose provide now. You can then find it on your device and upload it to us. 

Note: If you are using an iPhone or an iPad please choose the take photo option. Then take a picture of your prescription. 

If you don’t have a picture or scan of your prescription yet, no worries! Just choose provide later and simply email or even post us your prescription.

Sending your prescription to Discounted Sunglasses

PD Measurement

The only thing we won’t know from your prescription is your PD Measurement. If you know yours you can email us or write it on your prescription to let us know. It is always better for us to know your PD as this gives you the best prescription lenses for you. If you don’t provide us with your PD Measurement we will use the average PD Measurement. 

What is a PD Measurement?

A PD Measurement is short for Pupillary Distance. This simply is the distance between the centre of your pupils. Having a PD Measurements ensures the prescription of your lens aligns in front of your pupils perfectly. 

Opticians usually take this measurement during your eye test. You can ask them for this, but many are reluctant to give this information to you. Why? Because they’re worried you’ll use your PD Measurement to buy prescription sunglasses and glasses online. Like with us. 

If your optician won’t give you your PD it isn’t the end of the world, you can measure this yourself, or even better, with someone else! 

How to Measure your PD 

There are a couple of ways to measure your Pupillary Distance. The easiest way, we think, is to get a family member or friend to do it for you. Grab a ruler and a chair, sit on the chair and get the other person to start measuring. It’s important that the other person isn’t in your eye line. Get them to be just under your eye line while you look to focus on one object in the near distance. 

The other person then needs to measure the distance between your pupils. We find it can be tricky to find the centre of a pupil sometimes, so measure from the edge of one pupil to the other. Take this measurement 3-5 times for accuracy and measure in mm.

Alternatively, you can do exactly the same but on your own in a mirror. Sometimes people find it easier to do one eye at a time, measuring from the same spot of your nose to the centre of your pupil. Just remember that in a mirror everything is reflected backwards. 

Or, you can kill two birds with one stone. You can order your glasses, see if you like the feel and fit, then draw a dot with a marker pen on the lens where the center of your pupil is. We think this is easier done by someone else who isn’t in your eye line. If you opt for this method make sure you only order the glasses first and then contact us letting us know you want to add prescription lenses after. You can always use Klarna Pay Later. This allows you to try on the glasses and send them back without even paying a penny! A truly free home trial.