Duck and Cover Sunglasses

Cheap Duck and Cover Sunglasses

You ever heard the phrase "duck and cover"? It's not just some random saying, it actually comes from a public safety film that the US government put out in the 1950s. The idea was to show people how to protect themselves in case of a nuclear attack. But, Duck and Cover sunglasses, like to think outside the bomb shelter. Their eyewear is built to last and handle anything life throws at you.

The collection is all about making you feel like a boss, whether you're at work or on the street. Duck and Cover design their eyewear to be bold, unique, and straight-forward, but with a twist of subtle details that will make people take a second look. From branding on both temples, to crosshatch detailing on the side temples, it's the little things that make a big impact.

Duck and Cover sunglasses also take pride in their color palette, which is unlike anything you've seen before. Steel and graphite hues are used as the backbone, and only add accent colors when they truly add something to the design. It gives the eyewear a cool, industrial feel that stays true to the "ready for anything" message that Duck and Cover is all about.

So if you're looking for eyewear that is stylish, functional, and truly one-of-a-kind, look no further than Duck and Cover sunglasses. Perfect for people who appreciate a no-nonsense approach but also want to stand out from the crowd.