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Burberry sunglasses are, as you can easily guess, a branch of the bigger Burberry brand. They follow the same high level of detail, design and quality you expect from Burberry.

Since its start, Burberry has been an advocate for invention and innovation. Tom Burberry created Garbadine not long after the brand's birth. This is a waterproof material used in a lot of Burberry clothing and in WW1 clothing. This boosted the brand's name.

Decorating the inside of the trenchcoats was a check pattern. This became synonymous with the brand. So much so, it is still used today and is a feature in many Burberry sunglasses designs.

Burberry sunglasses are one of the newest kids on the block when it comes to eyewear. The eyewear collection came much later to the brand than other products.

This however, doesn't hinder the product in any way, shape or form. The brand's forward-thinking designs sit perfectly in the sphere of eyewear. Making Burberry sunglasses an incredible choice for anyone.

Burberry Sunglasses often use a simple colour palette. This includes autumnal and neutral colours, like creams, browns and reds. These often flash on black frames in subtle and unique ways.

As Burberry Sunglasses release more sunglasses styles, the more daring the designs are. We love this. This has involved Burberry Checks on the inside of the arms. The TB motif repeated on the side of the frames, and even on the lenses themselves.

In short, Burberry sunglasses are perfect for a fashion lover with an eye for quality. The designs are always tasteful and work amazingly in summer as they do in autumn or winter.

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