Smith Goggles

Smith Ski Goggles

Smith Optics was founded over 50 years ago when Dr Bob Smith created the world’s first thermal goggle lens and breathable foam. Today, the brand continues to manufacture highly innovative, tech-led products that remain a firm favourite with skiers and snowboarders.

Smith goggles provide anti-fog lens technology that actually does the job. Just a glance of their reviews will tell you that these are one of the few goggle brands that ensure lenses don't fog. A feature sought after and required by many, finally nailed. 

The anti-fogging initially came from a fan system. Small, silent and efficient. Now to be made redundant by an incredible anti-fog coating and ventilation. 

For those looking for lenses that are quick to swap in and out, keep an eye out for a style with the MAG interchangeable system. This is magnetic and allows you to swap lenses in seconds. Much less faffing on the slopes. Just unlock, swap and lock the new lens back in. Your new Smith goggles will be your new best friend.

Now you can grab a pair of these cutting-edge ski and snow goggles at some of the cheapest prices around. Simply browse our collection of cheap Smith ski goggles now, and if you live in the UK or Northern Ireland, we’ll deliver them directly to your door at no extra cost.