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Ted Baker sunglasses are the epitome of British fashion. The brand has a knack for incorporating unique designs, humour and a quirky feel throughout. That goes double when it comes to their selection of sunglasses. 

The brand was first thought up around a lake on a fishing trip. Back in the 80's Ted Baker wasn't born. It was just a thought inside the brain of Ray Kelvin, a little nugget of an idea. We're not sure how much fish he caught on that fishing trip, but the biggest reward came a year later when he opened his first shop in Glasgow.

Fun fact, Ted Baker isn't a real person. It is a character the brand is built around that fell out of Ray Kelvin's imagination.  

Originally Ted Baker was a shirt brand. Fine shirts at an affordable price were all that was on offer. That and a free laundry service for each shirt post-purchase within the shop. A genius idea in our eyes! This is a USP that gets people talking. Oh boy, did people talk?! Word of mouth spread like wildfire and the brand grew and grew to what we know today. 

It wasn't until 2001 until the eyewear division hit stores and faces. Now, it seems almost impossible to think of a world without Ted Baker sunglasses. Over 20 years on, the designs are always on the pulse of fashion. Each season's release brings with it styles that hit the mark every time. 

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