Persol Glasses

Cheap Persol Glasses

Persol glasses are the pinnacle of Italian eyewear engineering. Each pair has the perfect blend of comfort and style. These designs range from modern and contemporary styles to your classic professional looks. Enabling a range of ages to don a suave piece of Italian design. 

Persol glasses are steeped in huge tradition. But what they are most known for is their quality and comfort. The design sheds weight where ever possible so they sit lightly on your face. Therefore, you spend less time noticing your glasses on your face. Mostly, the frames are so comfortable due to the Meflecto design. These are the little metal strips in the arms of the Persol Frames. These allow the glasses to be more flexible than standard frames. This encourages the frame to fit the shape of your face. So, leading to more comfortable wear. 

Each pair is lovingly hand crafted. Persol only ever use the highest quality products. From simply touching the frame, you can feel the premium quality compared to many other brands. 

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