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Dragon Sunglasses are the sunglasses by athletes for athletes. Back in 1993, Will Howard started his quest to create a leading active eyewear brand. Fast forward to today and Dragon Alliance is one of the best active eyewear brands and a leader in snow goggles.

Dragon Alliance sunglasses are worn by some of the most renown sports personalities in the world. But most importantly are worn, loved and championed by a fiercely loyal and evergrowing fanbase.
Dragon sunglasses are innovative in design, always ensuring that they are competing to be top of the class when it comes to stylish active sunglasses. This is ensured by a range of technology within each different style. For starters, each lens comes with hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings as standard. Therefore, your lenses are protected from mud, oil, water and all the elements. Some even float! Yep, no more sinking sunglasses once they fall off your head into the watery doom below. 

We are proud of our collection of cheap Dragon Sunglasses. Our collection are stylish, unisex and ready to be put through their paces as you lead your active lifestyle. So, become part of the loyal fanbase today and purchase your cheap Dragon sunglasses online at Discounted Sunglasses.